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Take your music making to the next level, skyrocket your confidence and become limitlessly independent with our world-leading music tech courses, workshops and learning communities, designed exclusively for women in music.

Maybe this feels familiar?

Every time you've tried to learn music tech skills before, it just didn't feel creative, you may not have felt respected and you certainly didn't feel part of a supportive, non-judgemental community. Three things that matter to you as a woman in music. 

But your dreams won’t wait any longer. You've had music bubbling away in your head for months or even years, and you've seen how hard it is to grow an audience and music career without any released recordings.

You're done with relying on freebie favours from (probably male) music friends, or paying for studio recordings you don't even like. You're ready to share your creative voice on your terms with properly produced music that opens exciting doors, helps you show up professionally online and truly represents your unique creative vision.

And you'd feel so proud and limitless if you could record your music yourself.


You're in the right place.

Let's face it, if learning to record and produce your music was simply about access to information, you'd have done it by now. But we know, for many women, it's far more complex than this

You learn best in a safe and respectful space - one where the challenges you've faced in music so far are held with compassion and understanding and any current gaps in your knowledge are seen as opportunities for growth, not a lack of competency or passion. And you want the tech to be in service of your creativity - not the other way around.


That's why, at the core of all our work sits our unique Evolved Music Tech Method, which merges our three core pillars: Community, Artistry and Respect. We help women, just like you, gain the vital recording and production skills they need to keep up and show up in the 21st Century music industry.


Here's how this breaks down


  • Creative self-expression

  • Intuition & experimentation

  • Pursuit of artistic growth


  • Female-celebrating learning spaces

  • Connection, not competition

  • Non-judgemental growth


  • For ourselves & each other

  • For the craft

  • For those who have gone before us

  • For everything we will be tomorrow

Ready to get started?


The Home Recording Starter Kit

Would you love to create amazing music from home, but the thought of getting started with home recording just feels like a massive time and money sap?
We get it! That's why we've created the perfect resource for home recording newbies: The Home Recording Starter Pack. Inside, you'll get a collection of practical tools and resources to help you invest in the best quality, budget friendly recording gear, dial in your acoustics, prime your brain for music tech success and more!

Get Started


In depth, person-centred learning that will take your music tech skills to the next level and skyrocket your music opportunities.


Get Started with GarageBand

Quickly get your music out of your head and into amazing sounding demos, so you can show up as an artist online, collaborate with greater confidence and dial in your sonic signature - no matter your experience level or equipment.

With this easy to follow, four module starter course for women in music, you'll be surprised just how powerful GarageBand is and the music you'll be making on the other side - all with access to The Sanctuary to holistically support your music tech learning journey.


Home Recording Academy

Our most popular programme to date, Home Recording Academy is the only framework of it's kind that shows you exactly how to professionally record your music from home while celebrating and centering women in the process.

Overcome your music tech mindset blocks

Learn to listen with a producer's ear

Build your own professional home recording oasis

Expertly record your music into your software

Master audio editing and production

Nail the art of mixing for a polished finish


The Art of Field Recording

Take your creative process to the next level with this deep-dive into recording and creating with environmental sound. Whether you're looking to develop a unique sonic signature, create immersive sound environments for live performances and installations or just explore the possibilities of sound itself, learn Isobel's best kept field recording secrets, gained from years of honing these skills to PhD level.

Capture high-quality environmental sound recordings (even with just a smartphone)

Elevate your field recordings with advanced production tools and techniques

Sample your recordings to create unique beats and musical textures


Live and pre-recorded trainings that will help you dive into a new topic or skill and quickly get results in your music making.

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Vocal Comping for Beginners

IA Photoshoot 6.11.23 43.jpg

Assertiveness in Recording Studios

IA Photoshoot 6.11.23 37.jpg

Overcoming Music Technophobia

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What do we mean by female-celebrating?

Gender inclusivity is important to us. That's why we've worked with the charity Gendered Intelligence to create a robust and considered Gender Inclusivity Policy.

Meet your instructor

With nearly 30 million Spotify streams across her self-produced, self-released music and a PhD in Sonic Arts, you'd be forgiven for thinking music technology came easy to our founder, Isobel Anderson.

But like the best of us, she's had her fair share of set-backs and imposter syndrome - thankfully she's channelled all of the above into creating one of most innovative music tech education organisations. 

Learn while you listen

Itching to start your recording and production learning journey right away? Why not tune into the 90+ episodes of the Girls Twiddling Knobs podcast covering topics ranging from audio mastering to motherhood and music.

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Expect a heady of mix of music production tips and tricks, #realtalk on all things being a woman in music and first dibs on our new trainings, opportunities and insider news :)





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