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Effective as of January 21st, 2024

Isobel Anderson Music Ltd. ("Company," "we," or "us") highly values your privacy and is committed to protecting it through this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy oversees your use of (the "Website"), covering all content, features, and services provided on or through the Website, whether you're just checking it out or you're a registered user.

When you drop by the Website, we automatically collect some info about you, and we might ask for some voluntarily. This policy covers what we collect on the Website and in electronic communications like email, text, or other ways you chat with the Website.

We recommend giving the Privacy Policy a good read before diving into the Website. By spending time here on our Website or agreeing to the Terms of Use when they pop up, you're saying, "Yep, I've read and agreed to the Privacy Policy." And, if you don't agree to the below terms, it's best to steer clear of our Website.


Our website is not designed for individuals under the age of 13. No one below the age of 13 should furnish any information on or through the website. We are not intentionally gathering personal information from children under 13 years old. If you are under 13, refrain from using the website, providing any information, registering, making purchases, utilizing interactive features, or engaging in public comments on the website. This includes details such as your name, address, phone number, email address, or any screen name or username you may use.

In the event that we discover we have collected personal information from a child under 13 without obtaining parental consent, we will promptly delete that information. If you suspect that we may have information from or about a child under 13, please reach out to us at


When you visit the Website, the Company gathers certain information about you, both through your actions and automatically.

Information You Provide To Us: The Website offers various sections for users to input information. We collect data from users who fill out forms on the Website, communicate with us through contact forms, participate in surveys, conduct search queries using our search feature, leave comments or feedback, and provide details when ordering a product or service via the Website.

The information you share enables us to fulfill your product and/or service requests, enhance our overall performance, and furnish you with offers, promotions, and relevant information.

Information We Collect Through Automatic Data Collection Technology: While you navigate our Website, we may employ automatic data collection technologies, such as Google Analytics, to gather specific details about your device, browsing activities, and usage patterns. This typically includes information about your location, website navigation, and interactions between your device and our Website. It encompasses data related to your computer type, internet connection, IP address, operating system, and browser type.

The automatically collected information is utilised for statistical purposes and does not include personal details. We leverage this data to enhance our Website and refine our service offerings. In instances where you voluntarily provide personal information, our systems link the automatically collected data with your personal information.


Like many other commercial websites, our site uses standard technology such as "cookies" and server logs to collect information on how visitors interact with our platform. The data gathered from cookies and server logs may include details such as the date and time of visits, pages viewed, time spent on our site, and the websites visited just before and after ours, as well as your IP address.

A cookie is a tiny text document that often includes an anonymous unique identifier. When you visit a website, the site's computer requests permission from your computer to store this file in a designated part of your hard drive specifically for cookies. While each website can send its own cookie to your browser, your browser, to protect your privacy, only allows a website to access the cookies it has previously sent to you, not those sent by other sites.

The Company retains the right to use technological equivalents of cookies, including social media pixels. These pixels enable social media platforms to track visitors to external websites, tailoring advertising messages for users when they visit those social media platforms. The Company will use these pixels in compliance with the policies of the respective social media platforms.


Certain content and applications, such as advertisements, featured on the Website are provided by third parties, including advertisers, ad networks and servers, content providers, and application providers. These third parties may utilize cookies independently or in conjunction with web beacons or other tracking technologies to gather information about your interactions with our website. The data they collect might be linked to your personal information, or they may collect information, including personal details, about your online activities across various websites and online services over time. This information may be used to deliver interest-based (behavioural) advertising or other tailored content.

We lack control over the tracking technologies of these third parties or how they choose to use them. If you have inquiries regarding an advertisement or other tailored content, it is recommended to directly contact the responsible provider.


If you decide to get in touch with us via email, we might keep a record of your email messages, including your email address and our replies. Rest assured, we take the same precautions for these digital communications as we do for information received through online forms, mail, or over the phone. This includes instances when you sign up for our website, register through any forms using your email, or make a purchase on the site. You can find more details about our email policies below.


We're dedicated to keeping your email address private and won't share, sell, or lease it to anyone else, except as explained in the section called "Disclosure of Your Information."

Rest assured, we'll handle any information you share through email in line with the relevant federal laws. Following the rules of the CAN-SPAM Act, our emails will always clearly state who they're from and provide easy ways to contact us. Each email will also include simple instructions on how to remove yourself from our mailing list, so you won't receive any more emails from us.

Our emails give you the option to opt-out of receiving communications from us and our partners. You can do this by following the unsubscribe instructions found at the bottom of any email you receive from us, whenever you like.

If you no longer want our newsletter or promotional materials, just click on the unsubscribe link in the email to opt-out.


We gather your details to keep track of and support your involvement in the activities you choose. If you register to download a book, sign up for our newsletter, or purchase a product, we collect your information to understand your preferences and keep you updated on your chosen products and services, as well as related offerings. You can explore most parts of the website without sharing personal information, but when you download resources or register for services, that's when we need your info.

If you're outside the European Union and decide to get free resources, join training programs, sign up for webinars, attend live events, seminars, or buy products, we'll automatically include you in our free email newsletter. If you'd rather not receive it, no worries – you can unsubscribe anytime. We make it easy with an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of every email. If you face any issues, just drop us an email at, and we'll take care of it.

For those in the European Union, if you opt for free resources, training programs, webinars, live events, seminars, or product purchases, we'll only sign you up for our free email newsletter if you give us a clear go-ahead. If you change your mind later, no problem – you can unsubscribe anytime with the 'unsubscribe' link in our emails. If you need assistance, just email us at, and we'll ensure you stop receiving future emails.


We use your personal info for a bunch of reasons - to show you our website and what's in it, share information, give you offers on products and services, update you about your subscriptions and purchases, handle contracts between you and the Company, manage our business stuff, offer customer service, and provide other things and services to our customers and potential customers.

Now and then, we might use the info you share with us to make offers for buying products and services from third parties, and in return, we might get a little something from those third parties. If you decide to jump into these deals, those third parties will get your details.

And here's something interesting – every so often, we might use the info you give us to show you ads that match your personality, interests, and what you like to do. 


As a standard practice, we refrain from selling, renting, leasing, or otherwise transferring any information, whether collected automatically or through voluntary actions.

Your personal information may be disclosed to our subsidiaries, affiliates, and service providers for the sole purpose of delivering our services to you.

In instances where it becomes necessary to enforce our terms of service or any contractual agreement between you and the Company, your personal information may be disclosed to third parties, including legal professionals or collection agencies.

Furthermore, in the event of a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution, or any other form of sale or transfer of the Company's assets and/or business, your information may be shared with any successor in interest.

In compliance with legal obligations, we may disclose information if legally compelled to do so. This includes situations where, in good faith, we believe that such disclosure is required by law or is essential for the protection of our legal rights, and when mandated by a court or other governmental entity.



We're all about keeping your info safe. We use practical methods to make sure the details you share with us and the elements we automatically collect stay secure. That means using standard security protocols and teaming up with trusted third-party providers and platforms.

But, just a heads up - email isn't the most secure way to chat! We recommend not sending sensitive info through email, but if you do, it's at your own risk. The good news is, when you enter info on our website, some of it gets transmitted securely using a fancy method called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). No worries about credit card or other important info getting sent through email - we're way too smart for that!

Now, we also use software to crunch some numbers and figure out things like how many people are checking out different parts of our site, what's catching the most interest, and making sure our techie stuff is top-notch. Plus, to keep everything running smoothly and make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy our service, we use software to keep an eye on the network and spot any unauthorised attempts to mess with our info or cause trouble. Safety first!


Our approach is straightforward – any changes to how we manage your information will be promptly communicated on this page. In case of significant modifications, we'll also notify you via email or through an announcement on our website's main page. Just keep an eye on the date at the bottom to stay updated on our latest adjustments.

Security is our top priority. We implement smart practices and collaborate with reputable partners to ensure the confidentiality of the information you share and that which we automatically collect. A quick note: email isn't the most secure channel for communication, so it's advisable to avoid sending sensitive information that way. However, if you choose to do so, please be aware that it's at your own risk. When you input information on our website, some of it is transmitted securely through a technology known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Rest assured, we never transmit credit card or other sensitive details via email – we're too savvy for that!

To analyse our site's performance, track user engagement, and address technical aspects, we utilise software programs that generate summary statistics. Additionally, for site security and to ensure uninterrupted service for all users, we employ software programs to monitor network traffic and identify any unauthorised attempts to manipulate information or cause harm. 


For those of you in the European Union, you've got some special rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. Here's the information:

We'll hang on to any info you share with us until one of these happens: (a) you ask us to delete it, (b) we decide to switch things up with our data providers, or (c) we figure out that the value of keeping the data is less than the cost of holding onto it.

You've got the right to peek at the data the Company has on you and can ask us to fix or delete any of your personal info.

Feeling like you want a bit of control? You can ask us to limit how we use your data.

Not into the way we're handling your info? You can say no and even take your data elsewhere if you fancy.

Remember that consent you gave us for using your data? You can change your mind anytime, and it won't mess with the stuff we did before you changed your mind.

If things aren't sitting right, you can raise the issue with the powers that be in charge of the General Data Protection Regulation.

We're all about keeping it reasonable. We only ask for the info we really need to make a deal with you. No unnecessary hoops to jump through here!


Isobel Anderson Music Ltd. welcomes your questions or comments regarding the Privacy Policy:

Isobel Anderson Music Ltd.

Kilmore Services Limited,

15 Tullymore Road,

Kilmore, Armagh,

BT61 8NY

Email Address:

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