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For innovative minds wanting to find more joy, simplicity and strategy with their creative projects.

Coaching & Consulting


It was as if Isobel had entered my brain and started unravelling the overwhelm that was holding me back.

Our time together really opened a new world of possibilities and her method is clear, concise and most of all - compassionate! I now have a clear plan. I feel like a weight has lifted and my 'spark' is back.

- RENE -

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If you get the chance to work with Isobel, DO IT!  She'll make any overwhelming creative project feel doable. 

As an independent musician, I've been struggling with fear, procrastination and a huge battle with time due to family and business priorities. But after mapping out an aligned album release plan, I'm now *actually* looking forward to reaching each date and ticking off each task. I'm excited!

- cat -


When you work with Isobel, you walk out feeling empowered, with a plan for how to achieve what you *truly* want.

I didn't think I had the skills or courage to go all in with my own music or offer paid music production services. I was so overwhelmed and continuously sticking with safe options. But Isobel gave me the tools and plan to realise my dreams were possible. I woke the following day at 2am filled with such creative energy, my head couldn't hold it in. My subconscious was like, "Finally, she's listening to us!" 


I Started In Music Nearly 25 Years Ago

And built my career from the ground up, self-producing and self-releasing when it wasn't the 'done thing'.
... and amassed over 25 million Spotify streams in the process ;)

My creative practice has also incorporated sound art, live performance and experimental cartography, always with a fascination for the creative process itself. 

I know how lonely it can feel to follow your creative dreams and the pressure many artists are under to 'succeed'. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and exhausted trying to juggle 'all the things'.


Now, I help other artists turn their big, bold, scary artistic ideas into a tangible reality, while cultivating a fulfilling, healthy and rewarding creative career.

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I Help Artists With


A specific creative project you'd like to bring into reality.
Creating an artist brand that feels aligned & authentic.
Adding new types of income using your knowledge & creative skills.


Getting clear on your direction and the work you *truly* want to make.
Creating a better art/life balance and making time for your practice.
Making an empowered learning plan to develop new, creative skills. 

Let's Work Together

I offer artists the chance to either take a deep dive on a specific project, or get more holistic, ongoing support.

This takes the form of either:

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1/2 Day Immersives

Got a big, scary, exciting creative project you'd like help making into a reality?


Inside this 3 hour intensive consultation session, we'll use my three step framework of 'Dream', 'Align' and 'Plan' to take your next steps without the overwhelm.

'Spark' Coaching 

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Looking for more holistic, ongoing support on your artistic journey?


My 'Spark' coaching package gives you the chance to meet over the course of six sessions and get 1-2-1 support where you most need it now.


If you implement Isobel's advice, you will evolve as a creative. Working with her is a sold investment in your future.

I was confused about my purpose as an artist and felt overwhelmed by two seemingly divergent pathways, but during our session Isobel helped me to fully embracing the songwriter/producer I know I can be. Now, I feel clearer and more streamlined and the timeline we created means I now feel calm, resolved and inspired.


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Start Ups



I truly trust Isobel's opinion and advice. She is so knowledgable and goes out of her way to support you.

I was lacking confidence in my idea, especially as I needed to gain new skills and knowledge, but Isobel gave me the time and space to explore my project in a nurturing, safe environment. Together, we mapped out an aligned plan with defined goals and a clear vision to work towards and I feel genuinely excited about my new venture!


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I Built A Business With No Investment

One that's impacted the lives of thousands of women in music from all over the world.

I founded The Female DIY Musician in 2018 and have since revolutionised the way women are taught music technology. My business has allowed me to be my own boss every single day and make a difference in the world.


But it hasn't always been easy - I know how scary it can feel to get your business idea off the ground. Looking back, It's been an amazing journey to the six-figure start-up I have today.

Now, I help creative entrepreneurs and service providers take their first crucial steps, with strategy, values and financial viability in perfect alignment, focusing on what's really necessary to make your business idea a rewarding success.


Isobel is just incredible! She has invaluable knowledge and always offers very specific, tailored advice.

I was feeling overwhelmed with the many elements of a my idea but Isobel helped me to gain clarity over organisation and time. She also held space for the emotions that were coming up and helped me feel more expansive in my vision. Her empathetic, grounded approach has helped me to now feel calm and positive about the road ahead. Isobel is a joy to work with!



Get clear on your specific niche or gap in the market so you know there's *actually* demand for what you have to offer.
Identify your ideal customer or client (and, just as importantly, who you DON'T want to work with too)
Define your business boundaries so you have clear revenue goals, healthy working hours and a healthy nervous system.
Put your values at the heart of your brand, so your business not only pays your bills but makes a positive impact in the world too.


I Can Help You



Book A Half Day Immersive

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Inside this three hour, deep dive session, you'll be guided through my three step, creative project strategy framework

Where we fully explore the big picture of your idea, including what really lights you up about it.



We'll make sure your idea is fully aligned with your goals, values and boundaries.



We'll map out a 3 month timeline, so you can take your first crucial steps with clarity & confidence.



Whether you're an Artist, Creative Freelancer or Start Up in the Making...
A 1/2 day immersive with Isobel gives you the chance to fully define and map out your idea with experienced, bespoke support.
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Need help embedding true equity, diversity and inclusion into your music tech space?
I've been a leader in transforming women and gender minorities' access to music tech for 5+ years.
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My experience in my own business, developing radically different music tech education for partner organisations like the F List and Help Musicians, lecturing at university level and serving on the Musicians' Union EDI Committee has taught me that effective and authentic EDI is far from a one size fits all process.

It takes skilled, honest conversations, a clear vision and a willingness to question our assumptions at every stage. 
Whether you're a Music Tech Education Provider, Recording Studio or Other Music Space
I can help your organisation be part of the change towards a more gender diverse, inclusive and equal future in music technology.

Isobel Anderson Music Ltd.


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