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How I went from working 9-5 to following my creative passion of making music and helping other women to do the same.

Before there were over 25 million Spotify streams on my music. Before the PhD in Sonic Arts. Before founding trail-blazing, female-focussed communities for women to learn to record and share their music...


... there was a soul sapped, young woman working 9-5 and commuting two hours a day. 

Desperate to shake off the "is this it?" feeling. Determined to do something creative with her life, and spending far too much time watching Eastenders while swigging a large glass of Pino.

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Noisy pub gigs, the rise of the internet and many, many mistakes...

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I didn’t have an entirely smooth ride into music.

While the three years spent in London after finishing my music degree saw me playing hundreds of gigs in the effort to get 'noticed' and out of my day job…

The shift into 'being a full-time musician' was anything but 'overnight success.'

When I finally did jump off the 9-5 cliff edge, I was broke, exhausted and living through one of the biggest transitions the music industry had faced: the death of the record-deal and the birth of the DIY, internet artists.

And when I finally did start to get a bit more time to focus on my music and my future… I quickly realised:

"I'm going to have to do this by myself."

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I didn’t walk away from my pitiful, but regular, pay check and suddenly find immediate success with my music. 

I had to learn to do so many things by myself, including recording all the songs that had just been swimming around in my head for the past few years.


So, I decided to do an MA in Sonic Arts at Belfast's Sonic Arts Research Centre. During the first few weeks of the course, I was immediately hit with massive imposter syndrome and quickly realising that computer coding and algebra (yeah, really!) were not my strengths. 


But, gradually, I started to love working with sound and recording inside (and out) of the studio.  By the end of my MA I had not only achieved a distinction, but was awarded a fully funded scholarship to do a PhD and had finished self-recording my very first album.

I was miles away from the record-deal I had once hoped for and, instead, feeling my way through a totally new industry I knew nothing about.

But, I did a brave thing...

I self-released my first album.

I discovered that I loved recording and producing music

and that I was actually pretty good at it too.

I also found out I really enjoyed self-releasing too and that this whole process felt really creative.


So I doubled down and learned how to do it with more ease and strategy. I learned:

  • How to make quality recordings of my music, with a clear and simple plan.

  • How to really focus in on my signature sound through mastering production techniques.

  • How to take myself seriously as a musician and producer and to be assertive in the studio.

  • How to successfully apply for funding to release my recordings.

And after all that was dialled in…

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Grey Limbo

I started distributing my self- produced music online 

and after consistently self-releasing my music, saw my music reach millions of listeners.

And best of all…

I’ve now have the honour of helping other female musicians, like you, sidestep years of imposter syndrome and failed attempts and actually record and release amazing music.



By making the process creative and personal.

i like to teach the 'why' and not just the 'what' of music tech

I show women both the nitty gritty details that allow you to record your music with confidence but also the creativity and self expression ready for you in the process. And ALL with zero crazy tech freak outs and a proven, step-by-step system. 

I’ve shown female musicians the importance of intuition, imperfection and experimentation to making your very best recordings and that 'not knowing everything' is totally, 100% normal and OK!

I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know.

I teach what I’ve personally done through six years spent researching sound recording and composition at one of the world's leading research centres and amassing over 25 million Spotify streams on my self-produced, self-released music.

If you like what you’re reading and want to get started with my free home recording resources right away, check out one of my special “how-to” guides »

Pink Clouds

now, i'm a leader in the field of gender & music technology

Since setting up The Female DIY Musician, launching Home Recording Academy and starting the Girls Twiddling Knobs podcast, some pretty amazing things have happened.

Between being shortlisted for the 2021 TechWomen100 Awards' Champion category and the 2021 Lovie Awards' Best Podcast Host category, and being made an External Industry Validator for University of Westminster's Music department, the last year has confirmed me and my work as a leader in the field.


This work is firmly focussed on making music more inclusive and diverse and helping more female musicians, just like you, have the opportunities and creative freedom you deserve.

I know the incredible doors these life skills of recording and production regularly open up - so let's make some magic happen. 

Are you ready to set off on an adventure with music tech  

and take real, action-steps towards finally making recordings of your music that you love?

I know you’re ready to make brave moves and work hard.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you make music, and keep honing your craft.

That’s why Sunday's aren't a day off to you but a chance to write another song, learn a new instrument or figure out a new piece of gear.

That’s why you’ve invested your precious time and money trying to make this whole music thing pay off.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to learn how to make your own recordings – you just want to make absolutely sure you’re doing the RIGHT things in the RIGHT order.

And do it in a non-judgemental, female focussed space, where no question is too 'basic' or too 'silly'.

Ready to take hold of the steering wheel & RECORD YOUR MUSIC?

Start by diving into one of my lovingly crafted PDF guides

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fix your acoustics

Never let your bedroom's dodgy acoustics stop you making clean, crisp home recordings again.

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pimp your toolbox

Start recording your music even with the   tiniest of budgets or basic of technical set ups.

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