I founded The Female DIY Musician to empower female identifying musicians  who want to make and release music without the confusion or overwhelm.

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Hi, I'm Isobel.



All the checks and tips you need to strategically and successfully self-release your music.



“I’ve always been fascinated and continually saved by my own, and other people’s, creativity. Early on I channeled this into my first love: music. 


But I was always aware that ‘doing music’ looked quite different for women. I would often question why there were so few women teaching me composition, so few women over a certain age or dress size in the charts and why it was presumed I would be a singer rather than a drummer, or any other instrumentalist. 


Never-the-less, I began writing songs, learned multiple instruments and eventually became a Dr in Sonic Arts and self-released four albums: feel free to check out my musician site here. But it was only once my music reached millions of Spotify streams and I had a PhD that I really began to think of myself as a professional. Only then did I truly believe I deserved my seat at the table. 


Sadly, much like many women in music, along the way I’ve experienced sexual harassment, a lack of visible role models and a self-imposed pressure to work harder and smarter than many of my male colleagues would ever expect of themselves. 


In 2017, after securing funding from the PRSF's Women Make Music Fund to tour my  fourth album, I hit burn out


I had been struggling with chronic pain and tinnitus for years, but when my voice gave out and I couldn’t speak for months, I decided it was time to take a break from my career as an independent musician. After months of recuperating, I decided I didn’t want all the years of experience I had gained as a DIY artist to go to waste and I wanted to help more women write and release music.


That’s when I took up a position tutoring at London's Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance and in 2018 I founded The Female DIY Musician's amazing Facebook Tribe, alongside offering 1-2-1 mentoring.

2019 will see us grow our online resources and programmes, which I'm truly thrilled about!"



As well as The Female DIY Musician Tribe Facebook Group, we also offer a group coaching programme called Music Goals and an online course due to launch this year. 


Go to our courses page for more information on these resources.


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First and foremost, The FDIYM is here to serve YOU! 

We are built on a bedrock of community, a passion for alternative music careers and a commitment to being an unstoppable force for gender equality in music.


Through our free content, our paid online training programs and anything else we might offer — we’re in this to help you build a relationship with music, yourself and a music career that you truly love. 

You deserve a music career that is one of a kind, unique and aligned with who you are as a musical soul.

Whether you’re just starting out, returning to music or growing your musical reach and artistry, we’re here to help you prioritise your creative potential and tap into the self-belief and wisdom within you.


Yes, Isobel started the FDIYM as a business and we proudly charge for the more intensive and in-depth elements of what we do. But you should know the vast majority of our resources are offered to you 100% free of charge. 


There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to carve out your own unique music career, and Isobel has made many mistakes along the way. But our commitment is to bring you the very best of our learning, and keep it honest and supportive.


So please don’t expect perfection (we've learnt to drop that illusion), but do expect relatable experiences, straight-up insights, and an unwavering devotion to help you become the musical artist you know you truly are.


If you’ve read this far, thank you. We hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. And, we’d love to learn more about you. The best way to share that and stay connected is to make sure you join the FDIYM Inner Circle — just enter your name and email.


Apart from our Facebook Tribe, Isobel tries to spend as much time offline as humanly possible. She has a healthy, balanced relationship with social media, so if you want the inside scoop from her, our Inner Circle is where it’s at. Most of the time, you’ll only hear from her on Thursdays; more if something is time-sensitive or important.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and connect with us - we’re excited for the journey ahead.

& The Female DIY Musician

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