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Clean Up your Recordings

(you dirty girl)

a 5 day challenge

Get Clear On the Fundamental Steps That Will Take You From Music Tech Overwhelm to Crisp, Clean Home Recordings You Love.

it's free!

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You KNOW that having the skills to create high quality recordings of your music is exactly what you need in order to…

... actually get your music into people's ears — this is your path to getting your music out of your head and into the world, without spending a small fortune

… stop relying on favours from male friends-of-friends and music colleagues for studio time and become truly independent as a woman in music

… build more resilience and artistic freedom by expanding your skills and opening up new ways to collaborate, create and realise your creative ideas

The only problem: Knowledge (and any amount of recording gear) can’t replace action.


A message from Isobel, your home recording guide and the nicest challenge leader you ever did meet...


Clean Up your Recordings

(you dirty girl)

A supportive, female-only, FREE 5-day challenge designed to help you take action and give your home recording process a proper spring clean!

During the challenge, you’ll learn to:


Design Your Recording Space 

for enviably clean acoustics (no more recording vocals in your wardrobe and just hoping for the best).


Dial In Your Mic Placement for Pristine Results

perfect for musicians working with even the most basic recording gear.


Advance your knowledge of sound editing techniques

and really get into those audio nooks and crannies (without the music-tech overwhelm).


Avoid past mistakes 

so you can self-record your music, confident in the quality of your recordings.


Surpass your (and other people’s) expectations 

of what’s possible from you and your home recording space.

Why is this crucial for your music journey?

You'll be part of a community of female musicians working towards a collective mission: to develop their home recording skills and find more freedom and independence as women in music, for years to come.



After completing this challenge, I feel MUCH more confident with recording my music - I highly recommend it to any other, music-tech cautious female musicians.



I already have a music degree, but this challenge gave me so much more clarity on the recording process and showed me that I really can do this myself!



You'll Get Access To:

Live trainings on the 5 Key Steps every musician needs to take in order to create crisp, clean, pro home recordings of their music

Your very own Clean Up Your Recordings workbook with easy-to-implement steps for each training designed to help you get momentum and clarity on exactly how to create sparkling home recordings of your music

Live Q&A sessions with yours truly — after a decade of self-producing and releasing music, a PhD in Sonic Arts and years teaching at University level (I don’t think there’s a question I haven’t heard!)

The best encouragement and accountability you'll have ever experienced from Team Female DIY Musician and a network of like-minded, female musicians — AKA an all-out hype squad who just get it

Prizes, giveaways, and plenty of fun surprises along the way!

This will be a music tech learning space unlike any you've experienced before!

And then what?

After all is said and done, you’ll have the confidence, clarity, community, and a step-by-step process that’ll help you leave overwhelm in the dust…

… so you can move forward with ease and tick “get good quality recordings of my music” off your musician bucket list

BTW — the recording techniques I’m teaching in this FREE 5 day challenge are the same ones I teach my paying students.

I learnt them the hard way through YEARS of training and practice, but you can skip that painful learning curve and jump straight to home recording success.

This is hands down the most valuable free experience I’ve ever created and it's just for female musicians.

The kind of freedom that comes with home recording skills is — honestly — game changing. I see it every day in the amazing women I help to start taking more ownership of their creative process and music careers.


I knew I wanted to create something accessible for ALL future home recording ladies out there to have the direction, accountability, and support system to get started with a ton of clarity and confidence.

So I hope you’ll join me, do the work, and surprise yourself with how amazing your home recordings can sound and how much independence and freedom this will bring to your music!

See you in the challenge!


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