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Ready to join a small but mighty team creating amazing music tech learning spaces for women?


Posted June 16th, 2023

Community & Student Manager


To be the first point of contact across our social media profiles, email inbox and online communities. To support The Founder in providing ongoing support to our students and managing our online communities so that they are safe, supportive and organised places to learn. To spot gaps and strengths in our resources and content based on student and audience feedback and to manage the student testimonial collection process.


This is a part-time contractor role reporting to The Founder, based on 15 hours per week (or 60 hours per month) spread across Monday-Friday. Lunch and any other breaks are unpaid and additional paid hours will be available during live launches. There is the possibility of this role becoming permanent after a three month probationary period.

Deadline for applications: June 30th @ 5pm BST
Community & Student Manager

Key Responsibilities

  • Meeting with the Founder for a Monthly Communities Meeting.

  • Adding and removing members from our online communities.

  • Welcoming new members of our online communities.

  • Establishing a community culture.

  • Moderating our online communities’ content and members.​

  • Developing and enforcing community guidelines and policies.

  • Introducing community members to each other.

  • Responding to comments and student queries.

  • Providing support to community members in comments and direct messages.​

  • Creating solutions and new ideas for issues and broken processes based on community feedback.​

  • Supporting the Founder on FB Live broadcasts inside the groups and the Facebook Page, as well as live webinars during launches.

  • Reporting any change of sentiment, content suggestion, or member feedback to the Founder.

  • Keeping a record of topics, questions or problems the community are especially engaged in and reporting these back to the Founder in the Monthly Communities Meeting.

  • Tracking the engagement stats for all communities and reporting these back to the Founder in the Monthly Communities Meeting.

Laptop Work
  • Responsible for responding to comments on the Female DIY Musicians social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) and ensuring all comments are responded to within one working day.

  • Making sure that audiences are responded to with equity, diversity and inclusion front of mind.

  • Alerting The Founder to any issues on the Female DIY Musician’s social platforms.

  • Responsible for managing the general email inbox and ensuring all emails are actioned within one working day.

  • Handling as many emails as possible for the Founder, keeping her away from the inbox as much as possible.

  • Creating a system for addressing important emails and/or anything that requires additional support from the Founder, when needed.

  • ​Creating efficiencies in managing and storing emails and addressing important items.

  • Adding or updating all Audience and Student Support SOPs to The Company’s SOP’s (System Operating Processes) Google Drive folder and ensuring those SOPs are carried out effectively and efficiently.

  • Managing the student on-boarding and off-boarding process to ensure students feel supported at every stage and have a first class experience with us.

  • Managing cancellations and pauses in memberships.

  • Managing and chasing unpaid invoices and failed payments.

  • Cross checking student information inside Mailchimp, Kajabi and Searchie when needed to ensure all responses to students are relevant and helpful.

  • Tracking student engagement stats and reporting these back to the Founder on a monthly basis.

  • Managing your areas of the business proactively without the need for daily support.

  • Managing the process of collating student feedback via programme feedback forms.

  • Creating text testimonials from these responses as per The Company’s Testimonial Creation Guidelines and arranging video testimonials with The Founder for students who have experienced significant breakthroughs and success.

  • Gathering testimonials in the form of screenshots of comments and posts inside our online communities.

  • Collating student progress data from Kajabi and proactively reaching out to engaged students to arrange video or text testimonials.

  • Managing the Testimonial Creation Process for all testimonial formats (screenshots, text, video, images) and arranging for these to be officially signed off by students/members with a Testimonial Release Form.

  • Organising the student and community testimonials inside The Company's filing system.

  • Actively working towards testimonial collection goals to be agreed with The Founder on a monthly basis.

Untitled design (2).png
Community & Student Manager

Person Specification

  • 2+ years in a similar capacity.

  • High-level communication skills with a passion for nurturing communities and supporting students in their learning journey.

  • Proactive in spotting what needs to be done within our communities and student support, taking initiative to come up with ideas and create solutions without being asked. For example, if a community has a drop in activity and engagement, proactively tagging members in a post who have common interests.

  • Have a high awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion and how this must be integrated into all communications with our communities, online audiences and students.

  • Have a skilled understanding of managing facebook communities, their technical functionality and helping students to thrive in these environments. For example, when a new Live video has ended, this post is pinned to the ‘Featured’ section and added to the relevant guide so the replay is easy for students to find.

  • Emotionally self-regulates even during times of pressure and stress to be present for the team and the Founder.

  • Able to consistently understand the intent and vision of the Founder.

  • Ability to set goals and develop achievable timelines to hit them. 

  • Highly developed self-awareness skills.

  • Every effort is given to decrease the pressure for the Founder and be her online communication gatekeeper.

  • Highly organised and efficient and detail oriented, delivering well ahead of deadlines.

  • A love of music and supporting more women to have opportunities in music.

  • Experienced using Kajabi, Searchie and Stripe.

  • An active interest in online course business models and the crucial role communities, student support and testimonial capturing fits within this.

  • An up-to-date knowledge of new and emerging customer and community support trends and tools.

Community & Student Manager

Measures of Success

  • ​Engagement in our private communities has increased by 10% by September 2023 and 20% by December, 2023.

  • Community and student stats are being tracked weekly, and trends are easy to spot.

  • The Company has collected a further five, signed off testimonials per programme by August 2023.

  • The Company has collected a further one, signed off testimonials per free lead magnet August 2023.​

  • The Founder feels confident that all processes are being auctioned to their highest standard without having to check or remind.

  • You are able to proactively come up with solutions when problems arise.

  • Students and community members have a consistent and predictable experience of our support, online learning spaces and brand voice on our social platforms. 

  • The Founder is able to focus on strategic efforts, rather than support with student fire-fighting.

  • The Founder doesn’t need to step in and deal with forgotten tasks or mistakes.

  • Your role will temporarily increase during live launch times in response to higher enquiry rates and other activity.

The Female DIY Musician

Vision & Values


Our mission is to give women in music more visibility, agency and creative control by doing two things:

  1. Providing world class training in recording and production that allows women to not just survive - but thrive - with music tech, so they can enjoy greater independence, autonomy and success in their music as a result. 

  2. Sharing content that a) highlights women role-models in music technology; b) brings awareness to the challenges women in music face today, and; c) provides information and resources for people looking to be better allies or make change in this area.


Everything our team does needs to contribute towards us achieving these objectives. 


If we are going to change people’s lives, it will be down to the talents, the great ideas and the behaviours of each of the team. We have three important characteristics which we expect all team members to embody:


This runs through all we do and is our guardrail for all decisions we make and how we show up in the world. It means making tough decisions, it means having hard conversations, but we’re available for that.


We’re here to support artistry, to help women take their creative ideas out of their heads and into the rest of the world through recordings they’ve envisioned and created. We’re here to be the womb that holds this process and sparks inspiration.


Everything starts with this. Once we connect to our audience as a collective of amazing women in music and create a community that values them, that’s when the magic happens. We’re here to help cultivate a deep sense of self-assuredness and confidence in the women we serve, and that starts with cultivating inclusive and supportive communities.


Are you a perfect fit for this position?


Isobel Anderson, Founder

Shortlisted candidates will be notified w/c July 3rd with interviews taking place w/c July 10th.


Unsuccessful applicants will be notified w/c July 3rd but please note that due to use being a very small organisation we will not be able to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.

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