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What is Field Recording?


Learn what field recording is, how it's used in music and more and how you can get started (even on a budget). Plus, you'll have the chance to learn what's inside our Live online July group programme, The Art of Field Recording.

Once a niche art form, field recording is becoming one of the most accessible and creative ways to elevate your music

Whether it's capturing the sounds of nature, evoking a sense of place or adding totally unique textures to your work, field recording offers limitless possibilities for artists of many mediums.


But If you're new to this technique (or even the whole term), this workshop will give you an introduction to how you can start creating with field recordings too.

How field recordings are used in music and other art forms, and why you might want to add this technique to your music production toolkit.

What gear you need to get started with field recording, including budget friendly options that will still get you great quality results.

What's inside our July Live online group programme, The Art of Field Recording, and how you can join us for this magical sonic adventure too.

Inside this workshop, you will learn

Field recording is one of the most powerful gateways into recording and production

I know this to be the true from teaching thousands of women inside our online courses and group programmes, and from my own experience too.

In fact, I specialising in field recording during my PhD in Sonic Arts because it gave me such a deep appreciation for sound and it's ability to speak to our soul.

If you're curious to see where field recording could take your skills and creativity, I can't wait to see you inside this special, Live online workshop.

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