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Real stories from one of a kind female musicians who started with courage and ended with self-produced, professional recordings of their music.

This is Sharon's home recording academy success story


“Thanks to Home Recording Academy, I’m no longer giving my power and creativity away. I now feel truly free and liberated to record my music.”

I have been a singer for the past 20 years and during the lockdown, I had the opportunity to write my own songs. I took the traditional route of recording with an engineer like I had done in the past, however, I felt like I was giving my power and creativity away. I wanted to record my own songs, but believed that I was never good enough and didn’t have the experience to produce anything good.

I was so empowered by Isobel’s workshop that I just had to sign up for Home Recording Academy. It was such a powerful experience and I felt truly free and liberated from the fear of recording my own music. I loved Isobel’s teaching style and the supportive, female-only community that she has created. I’ve made friends who I’ve met up with in person and still keep in touch with regularly!

After going through Home Recording Academy, I can now confidently record my music for different projects and play them in a live setting too. I recently recorded a demo to be used for a short film and was so proud of myself for being able to achieve that. Previously, I thought that recording would take away from my creativity but it was incredibly powerful to learn that using a DAW is part of the creative process. Thanks to HRA, I have another string to my bow and plenty more tools in my toolbox!

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