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Real stories from one of a kind female musicians who started with courage and ended with self-produced, professional recordings of their music.

This is Sandy's home recording academy success story


“Since enrolling in Home Recording Academy, I’ve recouped my enrolment fee and more because I’m now being paid for my recordings!”

Before Home Recording Academy, I had a real phobia about technology. I bought my own studio equipment to record my own original songs, but it was too challenging to set it all up. I didn’t want to spend lots of time and money in the studio with an engineer, I wanted my own space to explore my creativity. I felt like my music was on hold.

When I took part in Isobel’s 5 Day challenge, Isobel had such a natural way of explaining all the things I found complicated in a way I could easily understand. So when the opportunity came up to enrol in Home Recording Academy, I was definitely going to invest. Since going through the course, I’ve got new friendships, ongoing support from the community and the confidence to use technology to record my music. As a mum, I have other commitments and limited time, so being able to work through the modules at my own pace was brilliant.

Since going through Home Recording Academy, I’ve been able to record my own backing tracks which has given me much more creative control of my music. I’ve also been paid to do some recordings to support people in music therapy, it’s felt AMAZING! I have learnt so much in a short space of time to help me do these recordings in my own home which I would sadly have had to turn down in the past. In return this paid work will help me invest in new equipment I have my eye on and it’s already paid for my HRA course which is just fantastic. Had I not invested in HRA, I wouldn’t have this new door open to me. THANK YOU!

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