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The Rise & Release Membership Experience


The exclusive HRA alumni-only next chapter of growth towards a creative practice that has professionalism, confidence and independence at heart. 


The R&R Membership gives you unmatched support and resources at your fingertips so you can show up with more consistency, visibility and impact as a woman in music.

Ready to take your music making to the next level?

If you're serious about taking real action towards achieving your music goals whilst also drawing better emotional and financial boundaries as a woman in music, Rise & Release is your next best step.


This exclusive membership provides the tools, resources and support you need to not only continue the growth you started inside Home Recording Academy, but also navigate the industry as an independent self-recording, self-releasing artist.

Rise & Release is perfect if you're an HRA Alumni student who wants:


Ongoing guidance and accountability while continuing to implement all the amazing lessons and modules you already have inside HRA 


A deeper dive (with tons of support) into all things recording and production with loads of brand spankin' new trainings and tools at your fingertips each month


To create a sustainable and fulfilling music career with strong financial foundations, aligned emotional boundaries and professional systems that support your creativity

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The Rise & Release 4 Phases

Rise & Release is structured with 4 phases of growth which mirror the process of creating, sharing and sustaining your music.

R+R 4 PHASES.png



Lay the foundations for your success, whether it be through emotional release, organising your process or visualising your artistic achievements.



Get to work realising your unique artistic ideas with fresh recording, production, mixing and mastering trainings and support.



Put your music out into the world, set goals, measure your progress and grow your presence as an artist with templates, resources and coaching to support you every step of the way.
Smiling woman



Know your worth, set your fee and develop true financial resilience and fitness as a woman in music.

Each New Month Focuses on One Of These 4 Phases

creating an ever-growing bank of resources inside your member’s hub to support you with recording and releasing your music, moving forward.   


You can draw from these resources in your membership hub whenever you reach a phase in your unique artistic journey, in tandem with the support inside the membership community.

Your Membership Hub Goes Live May 30th 2023


A quick peek inside the monthly schedule...

1st Wednesday


Live in-depth workshops focusing on a specific topic that ties in with the Rise & Release Phase we are currently in that month.

So, for example, inside Phase 1: Prepare we might be planning your Next Recording Project, so you know exactly what to do, when and without procrastination sabotaging your goals!

2nd Wednesday


These bespoke monthly templates are ready-made shortcuts to help you implement everything you’ve learnt in the workshop, giving you a clear and easy route to seeing the results you're after, fast.


These templates will also act as a bank of professional systems that will stop your music making feeling like a big mess and, instead, keep things streamlined on the back end.

3rd Wednesday


This is when you get to pick my brains on recording, production and releasing, get help troubleshooting a tech issue or get feedback on your work, Live on Zoom.


If you can’t make a Live call - don’t worry, all sessions are recorded and available for replay on-demand so you can work the content when suits and works for you.

4th Week of the Month

Implementation SPRINT

You’ll get access to the private Rise & Release members-only Facebook group where you can stay connected with fellow members and get support from Team FDIYM, Mon-Fri.


This is also where we'll host a motivational challenge during the 4th week of every month giving you some gentle accountability so you take action on the trainings and tools we've shared during the month.


Each day of this week, you'll get fresh prompts and tasks so you can tick them off and know you've followed through.

Never miss a thing...

Replays of all live events will be available inside your membership hub (released May 30) and the Rise & Release Membership community on Facebook so you can watch all the trainings on-demand, in your own time, at your own pace.

Watch The Replay.png
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7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Let me say this up front. 

Rise & Release is the only membership that will not only nurture your technical skills but also your creativity, financial boundaries and musician mindset.


But if you're not totally happy with your decision to join us inside, you can get a full no-questions-asked refund on your investment up to 7 days after first initiating your membership subscription. 


Please read the Rise & Release terms and conditions for full details on the refund policy and more.

You didn't think that was all, did you?

As well as all the amazingness you'll get inside your Membership hub (released May 30), the monthly Live support and content and the Membership Community on Facebook, as a Rise & Release member you'll also get:

people laughing and talking outside duri

THE Annual Rise & Release Members Meet Up

Yep - you read that correctly.  We are planning annual IRL get togethers at a cool music-tech themed venue (currently TBC) - you just have to cover travel and accommodation.

Here's what to expect:

Member's Brunch

Masterclass with Special Guest

Conversation over Cocktails

Next meet up taking place October 2023 - full details TBC

Rise & Release is a membership that not only validates your amazing work but also serves as some extra motivation to get into action with your music. So, every three months, all members will be invited to submit for each of the following categories:

Quarterly Rise & Release Prizes

Biggest Mindset Block Overcome

This prize acknowledges when you’ve confronted a personal psychological block with your music making. This could be related to music technology, but it might also be around professional boundaries, valuing your worth or something else. 


Prizes in this category

Pampering and self care treats, like a massage at your local salon, for example. 

Image by aniestla

Recording Project Completion

This will acknowledge when you’ve finished your recording project. Whether it be an EP, Album or sound installation, when you’ve got all the audio completed and the master tracks on your harddrive, this prize will acknowledge your achievement.


Prizes in this category

Software or hardware to compliment your recording and production set up or a 1:1 mentoring session with a woman music producer.

Music Released Into The World

This prize will acknowledge the achievement of actually releasing your music in the world. This can feel like a really scary step so you deserve a massive congratulations!


Prizes in this category

An indulgent delivery or voucher for a local restaurant - it’s time to let your hair down!

Image by Ekaterina Shevchenko

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Being a woman in music can feel lonely

Maybe going through Home Recording Academy opened up a whole new artistic approach for you as a woman in music? A home recording process that has independence, opportunity and integrity at it's core.

But even so, the world is still a difficult place to be an artist and the industry still puts women at a disadvantage. 

It can feel hard to keep the confidence, motivation and goals you developed inside HRA alive when you're still swimming in these challenges. 

I created Rise & Release so I can not only keep supporting you with new techniques and tools to build upon everything you've gained in HRA, but also help you graduate to the next level as an artist with targeted support and training for releasing your music and building strong financial foundations so your artistic career truly thrives and blossoms. 

And, of course, we're going to be facing all those musician mindset blocks head on, together - whether it be about becoming more visible as an artist, valuing your creative voice or being paid your worth - Rise & Release is about you defining your own success!

So, if that sounds like the support and skill-set that's been missing for you as a musician so far, I'd love to welcome you inside.

I'm SILLY excited for this exciting new chapter in your music.

Isobel x

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