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The Art of Field Recording



The Art of Field Recording

A Live Online Weekend Intensive for Female Musicians

NOVEMBER 11/12, 2023

You’re more than a ‘bedroom producer’ - you’re an artist of substance. It’s time to venture into the wonderful world of field recording and totally transform your music!
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You want your music to be unique, captivating and totally individual. 

But you've probably noticed how It’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out in an oversaturated industry. Everyday over 60,000 new tracks are uploaded to Spotify alone!


I’ve been able to stand out as an artist and gain wider success through incorporating field recordings into my music and that’s I’m thrilled to be offering you the chance to hone these techniques with me for the first time in this weekend intensive retreat. 


It’s time to take your recording and production skills to the next level through the power of field recording. 

During This Weekend Together, You'll Learn How To...


Professionally Record The Sounds Around You
even if you’re only getting started with a smartphone.


Edit And Manipulate Field Recordings

to extract unique and mesmerising sonic textures (with just a couple of free plugins!)


Sample Field Recordings

and create totally individual beats, melodies and other exciting textures in your music.

The act of listening grounds us within our own inner world from which - in turn - inspiration springs.


You Won't Find A Field Recording Retreat Like This Anywhere Else

The Art of Field Recording is an online, immersive retreat for female musicians with 2 full days of workshops, practical implementation and direct, real-time feedback. Surrounded by other women who are blazing new trails in music and sound, you’ll make connections and get support as you dial in your field recording skills. 

Get ready to tread new creative territory and take your music to the next level!


Here's How The Weekend Breaks Down



Welcome & Introductions
(coffee welcome!)

10.30AM BST

Workshop #1: Prepping To Record
Getting your equipment ready, choosing when & where to record and documenting your field trips.

11.30AM BST

Workshop #2: Recording in the Field
A technical step-by-step for recording with both a Zoom recorder or smartphone and how to avoid common field recording mistakes.




DAY#1 Practical: Recording in the Field
It's time to step out and hit record to capture you're own field recordings

Isobel will be on call to answer any in-the-moment technical questions


DAY #1 Reflective Listening
Get feedback on your recordings and the chance to hear other people's work.


DAY #1 Listening Meditation
We'll close the first day of the retreat and prepare for Day #2



Welcome & Introductions
(coffee welcome!)

10.30AM BST

Workshop #3: EQing Field Recordings
Learn how to tease out texture, and add clarity and sparkle for a professional sound.

11.30AM BST

Workshop #4: Sampling Your Field Recordings
Learn to isolate specific sounds from your recordings to build beats and other musical textures.




DAY#2 Practical: Manipulating Field Recordings
Get creative with your own recordings using the techniques covered in the DAY #2 workshops. 

Isobel will be on call to answer any in-the-moment technical questions


DAY #2 Reflective Listening
Get feedback on your work and the chance to hear other people's creations.


DAY #2 Listening Meditation
and closing of the space.

Plus, I'm Throwing In These Amazing Bonuses

to support your field recording journey during and after the weekend retreat!


(£297 Value)

Lifetime Access to The Art of Field Recording Digital Course

Later in the year, I'll be launching a self-directed, first-of-it's-kind field recording programme for women in music and you'll automatically be granted access as soon as it goes live!

The Art of Field Recording (1).png
The Art of Field Recording (2).png


(£97 Value)

EQ Presets Pack

Get a head-start crafting the textures of your field recordings with 5 plug-n-play EQ presets exclusively designed by me for you!


(£97 Value)

My Professional Field Recording Sorting System

Never waste precious time endlessly searching your hard drive for your favourite field recordings - This system will keep your audio organised and easy to navigate!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by micheile dot com


(£97 Value)

7 Places to Sell Your Field Recordings Online PDF Guide

Your field recordings are a valuable asset and something you can potentially make an income from. This guide will show you how to get started!

  • Is this programme actually live?
    It certainly is! We'll be engrossed in all things field recordings for four jam-packed weeks, face-to-face, LIVE on Zoom!
  • I'm totally new to field recording. Is this programme for me?
    Absolutely! We'll be starting from the ground up so no prior field recording experience is necessary. Plus, there'll be lots of time to ask questions and get support from me and your fellow students, even while you're carrying out the practical exercises I set you along the way.
  • What equipment will I need to take part?
    I've purposely designed this programme so that even if you've only got access to a smartphone and some earbuds, you'll be able to start your field recording journey. It will also be helpful to have some recording software, and this can even just be something free like Garageband on your phone. You can also download my FREE 5 point equipment checklist to Start Recording With Your Smartphone before the retreat so you're all prepped to hit record when we meet.
  • I'm already field recording - will I learn anything new here?
    If you're already making field recordings you LOVE and you're happy working away on your own, this field recording programme *may* not be right for you. On the other hand, if you'd like to deepen your field recording technique and learn to manipulate your recordings in new and interesting ways with a Dr in Sonic Arts and a community of other women, then the Art of Field Recording is still for you!
  • I'm a total music tech beginner - will I be able to keep up?
    This programme is paced at a beginner-intermediate level and every effort will be made to accommodate a variety of technical levels, where reasonably possible. However, it's advised that you are at the very least able to open up your recording software and import an audio file. I'll walk you through everything else, step-by-step... by step!
  • What happens if I can't make the live calls?
    The main trainings will be delivered as Live workshops, every Thursday that the programme is Live (July 1-26) While all the workshops will be recorded and saved inside your Art of Field Recording hub and the Facebook community to watch back later, this programme has been designed to be experienced live, as you'll benefit from putting everything you learn into action during the four weeks with me and your fellow students on hand to support you. Of course, if you can't join live but would still like to join and access the replays later on, that's all good. But the BEST experience will be live :)
  • Will I get hands-on time recording? And will I be supported doing so?
    Yes! A big emphasis of this programme is not just learning the techniques I'm sharing but actually putting them into action by venturing out into the field, capturing the sounds around you and doing amazing things with them inside your recording software. I'll be on hand inside the Art of Field Recording Facebook Community, Mon-Thurs, 10am-5pm BST to answer any questions and help trouble shoot tech issues while you're doing the practical exercises between the workshops, so you'll have top-level support honing your field recording craft. If you want even more Live support from me, you can upgrade your Art of Field Recording experience and join the Listening Circle. More information on this will be available at checkout.
  • I can't make these dates - Will this programme be running again?
    Yes, I'm planning on running more Art of Field Recording programmes online and an in-person field recording retreat, however dates and details are still TBC.. Therefore, this may be the only chance to join me inside the AoFR in 2024.
Image by Yoal Desurmont

Plus, this first ever field recording retreat is open to the waitlist & my alumni students only, so it's guaranteed to be a special experience.

(+ you won't get it for such a steel ever again!)

The truth is— this industry can be hard on women and my journey hasn't always been easy BUT I’ve come out on top, mastered my craft, even got a PhD in Sonic Arts, and all because I didn’t want anything to stop me freely expressing myself on my terms. 


You might be thinking that field recording is a niche skill, and far too experimental to incorporate into your music. But my most successful song ever, Waiting For You, which has over 20M Spotify streams, features a field recording - in fact, I believe it's one of the reasons this song has connected so effectively with listeners all over the world.

Take a listen to see if you can spot it right at the end!

I’m on a mission to give other women the tools to show up as an artist with integrity, confidence and self-respect through opportunities just like this retreat.

Lock In Your Place on The Art of Field Recording Online Retreat

Enrol Today and get...


Untitled design (4)_edited.png
Access to the Art of Field Recording Live online retreat on November 11th-12th, 2023

(£497 Value)

Untitled design (4)_edited.png
Interactive hub with unlimited access to all training and feedback replays
Untitled design (4)_edited.png

(£795 Value)

  • Full access to The Art of Field Recording digital course (once released)
  • EQ Plugin Presets
  • Field Recording Sorting System
  • 7 Places to Sell your Field Recordings Online PDF Guide

That's a total real-world value of £1,282


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