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You're Invited

to the Rise & Release Annual Member's Meet Up on Saturday, October 14th, 2023

** This event is free but registration is required **

A Special Day To Connect, Learn & Share Together, In Real Life

Inside the Rise & Release membership, the level of kindness, support and inspiration we share in our online community is pretty mind blowing.

But meeting up in real life? Well, that's a whole different experience. 

That's why, one of the amazing features of your membership is the chance to meet with Isobel and your fellow Rise & Release members each year, in real life, and we're delighted to bring you the first of these events on October 14th. 

** Please Note: This event is free but you must register before Friday, September 29th **


Ready To Grab Your FREE Spot?

Or first check out the amazing venue we'll be meeting at...

The Venue

The Pool Recording Studio, London

An Iconic Studio With Oodles Of Character & Charm

Now, full transparency: we ideally wanted to avoid doing the Rise & Release meet up in London, mainly because we know other parts of the UK regularly get left out when it comes to music events. 

BUT we also needed to find a big enough studio space to accommodate our amazing membership community and a good location for our attendees flying in from other countries too.


And we're pretty sure you'll agree that The Pool Recording Studios is worth the trip, boasting a stunning vintage Neve recording console, a vast live area that resonates vibe and creativity, a control room packed full of vintage equipment and a booth designed to offer a range of acoustics.

With over 40 microphones, a range of vintage analogue synths, three drum kits and numerous instruments, it's a recording artist's playground. 

But wait till you see who'll be showing you round the studio...

With Special Guest

Sarah Dorgan, Miloco Studio's Engineer

One Of The Nicest Engineers You Ever Did Meet

I first met Sarah when we were both delivering the F List's Culture of Belonging Workshops in 2022-23 and I was struck by her approachable demeanour and ability to support other people get the most out of the studio environment.

Sarah is one of the in house engineers for Miloco Studios, the company who manage The Pool, so she knows this studio and all its amazing equipment really well. 

She'll be giving us a walkthrough of the studio, setting up a vocal mic shoot out for us to record with and assisting me in breaking down the mixing desk so it no longer feels like a scary spaceship of doom.

We'll also have lots of time for Q&A with Sarah so you can pick her brains about all things recording in the studio and how to best collaborate with an engineer like her.

Ready to take a look at the schedule for the day?
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Schedule

October 14th, 11am-4pm BST

Here's Our Plan for the Day

All timings are in BST and all events taking place at The Pool Recording Studios will be catered for by The Female DIY Musician*

* With the exception of after drinks at The Vinegar Yard, which are optional and at the discretion of each individual.



Coffee & Croissant Disco

Settle into the studio life with a complementary croissant, coffee and a disco ball


Studio Walkthrough

The day kicks off with a tour of The Pool's live spaces and control room.


Vocal Mic Shootout

Have the chance to record with a range of studio mics at a variety of price tags!



Lunch Is Served

Recharge your batteries with a complimentary lunch spread


Mixing on the Desk

Learn about mixing with Isobel on The Pool's vintage Neve console


Grab A Cocktail (or Mocktail)

We're loosening things up with some fizz before we settle in for the next event.


Q&A With Special Guest, Sarah Dorgan

Ask Sarah all your recording and studio related questions.


Leave Studio

It's time to make our exist, but the day's not over yet if you don't want it to be...



The Conversation Continues at The Vinegar Yard *

Just a short walk from The Pool Recording Studio and right beside London Bridge station, there's plenty of space for us to continue the fun.

* Please note: this section of the day is optional and at the discretion of each individual

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Full location details, accommodation options and other crucial attendee details will be shared in a confirmation email when you register your place.

Missing Out Just Isn't An Option...

This event is FREE to all Rise & Release members, but you must register before September 29th

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