Why Your Musical Past Is The Last Place You Should Look For Clarity on Your Creative Future


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Why Your Musical Past Is The Last Place You Should Look For Clarity on Your Creative Future

What’s that old saying? You should “learn from your mistakes”? And there’s no doubt there’s value in this. I am a big believer in being open to learning and mistakes are some of our best teachers. But when it comes to visualising where to go next in your music career and creative practice, the past should be the last place you look.

Now, here me out on this one - let me explain!

Often we define what’s possible by what’s already been, and there’s a lot of primal logic to this; when we were living out in the wild thousands of years ago, those lessons learned from past mistakes could prevent us from getting sick, lost and even save our life. But when we’re trying to figure out our next steps in our music career, it’s rarely a life and death situation 😉

We’ve got a bit of wriggle room to imagine so many different possible futures which bare no relation to what may, or may not, have worked in the past.

In fact, living in your musical past will only ever hold you back.

Only when you embrace the possibilities of opportunities you have never experienced yet will you move mountains with your music.

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