What The F*ck Is Reverb?

Reverb. It's something that's talked about so much when we start recording our songs, but we don't necessarily fully understand what this powerful production tool is.

But knowing the concepts behind reverb and how they translate into dials and settings in your audio editing software will, without a doubt, help you to apply it more skilfully to your music.

What's the basic concept of how reverb works in real life? What's the difference between a reverb and an echo? What can reverb add to your tracks apart from smoothing out a sub-standard performance or recording?

This is exactly what i'll be diving into in this week's video, as well as the no.1 reverb DON'T that so many people do when they begin to experience the fun and frolics that reverb ensues!

You don't need to be using reverb in drastically technical ways to find some wonderful results for your music. In fact, a little goes a very, very long way...

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