The REAL Reason You're A Technophobe

OK people, I'm dishing out a little tough love today.

And it's not because I don't understand how frustrating it can be to have literally NO idea how to make technology actually work for you. NO. It's because I've been there (and still find myself there sometimes) and have had to examine exactly what's really going on.

Now, naturally I used to tell myself "I'm just not good with technology". I thought it was because I was more of a creative, intuitive type - and that's all true - but what I didn't realise was that there isn't some innate, genetic reason that I'm not naturally drawn to technology.

If you're a female musician, it's highly likely (but not inevitable) that you're reading this and nodding with total empathy. You've likely felt things like:

"I really should start teaching myself more music tech, but it just feels too complicated!"

Or //

"I'm scared of getting it all wrong"

Or //

"I don't want to make a total fool of myself"

Or the worst, but inside so many of our heads...

"Women aren't naturally good with technology"!

But for all my technophobes out there, these thoughts are not the only reason you're petrified of technology.

Inside this week's video I explain what I discovered was the real reason I was a technophobe, and i'm pretty sure it'll help you too. And after you've watched this week's video, I want you to ask yourself, what's the smallest step I can take to develop my technology skills? Then I want your to commit it to me in an email or in the video comments.

Technology can be an amazing tool for your music and you don't to be an expert to reap some amazing rewards. So, whether you're a total technophobe or just a little resistant, ask yourself what's really going on.

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