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There’s no doubt that for DIY musicians (and that’s most of us these days), funding is crucial to forging a sustainable career and having the means to realise your creative ideas.

For myself, this has entailed hiring professional studios, building professional relationships with engineers I trust, creating music videos I love and investing in equipment that transforms my ability to make music.

In real terms, funding has given me the chance to self-release four albums and amass the critical and commercial success my music has to date.

Without it, none of this could have happened - or at least, it would have been 100 X harder.

And it just so happens there’s a funding deadline coming up very soon that I think you’ll be interested in: The Help Musicians UK Transmission Fund.

This fund supports musicians to gain new skills and develop their practice through online courses, mentoring and other types of professional development.

If that sounds reeeeeeaally useful right now, the deadline is on Monday 23rd November. Find out more and apply here >>

But what will also be really useful - even if you’re not eligible for the Transmission Fund - is that on Tuesday, I did a special LIVE online masterclass on everything you need to know to make successful funding applications for your music.

We went for a whole hour and we covered A LOT!

Here’s just some of the feedback on the masterclass to wet your appetite:

“Thank you Isobel......fantastically useful workshop! Especially as I didn’t realise funds existed in this your confidence boost in ‘are we good enough’!! ”

“You have broken it down so well. Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement Isobel ”

“Absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much for all this really helpful information and being so lovely.”

“Fantastic workshop Isobel! Thanks so much yet again.”

Yeah… I could go on but I’ll leave it there, you get the picture!

If you’re reading this and thinking “damn, I WISH I’d caught that masterclass” fear not! You can check out the replay right now here >>

And if you would LOVE to join Home Recording Academy in 2021 but some financial help would enable you to make that commitment to your music, the Transmission Fund is a great way to do just that.

And if you do, I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have on making an application or HRA in general. Just get in touch at

(Pssst! I also give LOADS of advice on applying for support enrolling in HRA inside the masterclass).

Whether you apply to the Transmission Fund or not and if you are seeking funding for HRA or another type of professional development, I promise you my Funding 101 masterclass is a MUST watch.

You’ll walk away feeling so much more confident getting support with your music.

Home Recording Academy opens for enrolment in February 2021, so if you’re serious about becoming more independent as a womxn in music, join the waitlist here >>

You’ll be the first to hear about early bird enrolment and any other special news I have about the programme.

Got a Q about funding? Pop it in the comments below 👇🏻

XO Isobel

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