How Learning to Self Record your Music Will Save You Time & Money

Once upon a time, I had never recorded any music.

I was broke, working a 9-5 job and desperate to really see where my dream of being a musician could take me.

I knew that turning all the songs I had in my head into proper recordings was key, but my options seemed limited.

1. Save up lots of money: I was barely making the rent.

2. Wait for a record deal to come along: How many more years was I supposed to wait?

3. Get some free time with someone who knew what they were doing.

I took option No.3 and recorded my first EP with a muso friend of mine (yes, he was a guy ;-))

The results? A little bit “urgh!”

It didn’t really capture my songs how I heard them - it felt stiff and dry. And in reality, once I later learned the basics of recording music, I did a better job - technically as well as creatively.

Initially, I had thought that learning to record my music myself wasn’t a viable option; It would surely take too long, cost too much to invest in all the fancy gear and never sound professional enough.

But once I did learn those fundamental recording skills I ended up saving time and money again and again across every single recording project I embarked on.

I literally must have saved thousands of £££s and hours knowing just some of the recording ropes and every time I showed up with my music, I learned a little more.

Fast forward to now, I have produced four albums, have over 25M Spotify streams across them and have so many cherished experiences of creating in the studio on my own terms.

Inside this week’s video I share why the same is possible for you - that you can make amazing recordings, fall in love with the process and even save time and money while you do so.

And if you know you’re ready to get started making home-recordings, take my FREE 5 Day Challenge running from 11-15th September.

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