Why Musicians Will Save The World... Again!

[Image Credit: Anna Galván]

A few weeks back, I shared my feelings on the UK Conservative government's controversial adverts suggesting artists should retrain, implying the creative industries are no longer viable.

But, rather than a drain on resources, the arts (and none-more-so than music) will in fact save the world... AGAIN!

YEP, that’s right - I did just say that, but before you start rolling your eyes and tutting at the sky, hear me out…

You see, this statement is sparked by the following experience:

A few days ago, while listening to Radio 4, I caught the retired piano teacher, Paul Harvey, sharing his new single >>

Paul has dementia and while he now struggles with this condition in many ways, still composes and plays piano. His musician son gave him just four notes one day and set him the task of writing a piece with them.

And he did.

A beautiful, moving, swelling composition, which he then went onto record with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, which has now been released as a single.

And as I stood there and listened, tears welled up in my eyes.

I had actually heard the tune in its infancy on Radio 4 (yep, I listen to that station a lot!) when Paul’s son had sent in a recording of his Dad playing it right at the beginning of lockdown.

That was moving enough, but to know the process he’d gone through while recording with the BBC Philharmonic - the care the arrangers, conductor and players had shown his music; the focus and attention the journalists and broadcaster had brought to these notes - was beautiful.

Maybe because my granny had Alzheimers for the final 10 years of her life, hearing Paul’s music struck a chord.

But it was also a reminder of just how much the world has endured in 2020 and how music, better than almost anything else, brings enough meaning and punctuation to these experiences for us to actually keep moving forward and waking up to each new day.

It’s hard to imagine what the world would have done these last months without much-loved LPs, well trodden melodies and emotive soundtracks.

But music is not merely a distraction, it IS action. It is the act of listening to, aligning with and re-defining our experience of the world.

THIS is why music will save us (and the world)… again.

It is (and always has been) our best hope and our brightest future and we, as musicians, can play a part in reshaping this future, one recording at a time.

Each time we sit down to our instrument and write a song or open up our laptop to record, we are offering another stitch in this tapestry of new beginnings.

This stitch might even be a lifeline to someone we care about, someone we’ve never met or to ourselves.

Save your music, save yourself, save the world…

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