How To Make A Truly Creative Workspace

Is your creative space feeling a little, well... uncreative?

It’s amazing how easy it is to get used to an environment that’s either not practical or aesthetically appealing. But if that’s you right now, this is a little nudge from me to get you taking action on this once more.

Why am I making this our focus for this week’s live? Well:

1️⃣ It can make such a massive difference to both your enthusiasm to plonk your arse down in the first place and the quality of the music you make in the process, and;

2️⃣ It’s something I’ve been working on myself since moving into a new house and, therefore, have a few ideas to share with you from this process.

You shouldn’t put up with having to scramble through clutter to find your equipment, get distracted by people or things around you or just feeling unenthused every time you look at your workspace - it should be somewhere you can’t wait to get creating in!

Happy Music Making!


Isobel 😘

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