Why Self-Recording Your Music Will Make You A Rock Star Songwriter

Are you more of a songwriter than a producer?

That’s often how women in music identify. And while there are issues around women not owning the technical skills they already have, this week’s Live is l about why developing a home-recording practice will immensely strengthen your songwriting too.

These two elements, songwriting and recording, are really all part of the same thing: your creative process. One informs the other and together they organically unfold into finished songs.

But how do you harness the songwriting power of home-recording?

Join me for this week’s Live where I’m sharing 3 strategies to do just that, proving that even if you’re a die hard songwriter, home recording will undeniably up your game 💃

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Inside, you’ll learn how to show off your music in all it’s glory by making crisp, clear, pro home-recordings!

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