How A ‘Clueless Beginner’ Found A Judgement Free Community & Smashed Her Home-Recording Goals

Is there any part of you that feels like a ‘clueless beginner’ when it comes to self-recording your own music?

If there’s even just a teeny slither of that in your mind, then this week’s Live is for you.

Let me introduce you to Grace.

She knew that having more recording skills would truly enable her to reach for bigger and better things with her music.

She also knew how confident, free and exciting it would feel to be able to get all the amazing songs she had in her head, firmly into some professional recordings.

But when she looked around at all her (often male) friends who were sooooooo much further ahead with music tech, she felt paralysed by the thought that would take years to actually figure it all out.

I can entirely relate to these feelings myself, and maybe you can too?

As a girl at school, I didn’t have anyone asking me over to theirs after school to play around with plugins or synths. I don’t think anyone even expected I’d be interested, let alone good with music technology.

Years went by and by the time I realised “this sh*t’s vital to actually getting my music off the ground” I was way behind my male counterparts.

Many women are left feeling it’s just all too late to learn recording and production skills at all.

But, as Grace will tell you, it’s not!

I can’t wait for you to hear Grace’s inspiring story about how she overcame these negative believed and is now making stellar home-recordings (and all in just a few months)

She’ll show you that it’s time you started taking action with recording your own music.

So, grab a coffee, hit play and let’s get started!

Aaaaaand, if you’re itching to start making clean, crisp home recordings, sign up to my FREE 5 day challenge kicking off between 11-15th September >>

I cannot wait for this one and I’d love you to be a part of it!

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