Thriving As A DIY Musician, Despite The coronavirus

Since the coronavirus outbreak has escalated globally, I’ve been pretty up and down emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am one of the lucky ones: I’m relatively young, I only live with my boyfriend a house big enough for our needs and, most importantly, I have people who love me.

BUT I’m a freelance creative who relies predominantly on revenue from my music and teaching. My plans for getting my bread and butter over the next few weeks and months now seem pretty obsolete. And everything I hear on the news and on social is talking about how shafted creative freelancers are - especially musicians who gig, teach and generally do stuff with people in public spaces 😳 And I’m guessing, as a female musician, you might be in the same position *|FNAME|*? But then it got me thinking... is this really ALL bad for musicians? There are challenges, for sure, but what could we musicians salvage and build from this adverse situation? Sh*t! Us musicians, we THRIVE on adversity, right? And I realised that right now, in the middle of all this crap unfolding daily, is a GAME-CHANGER for musicians, and I went live in the Tribe on fb to share all! Sceptical? Curious? And if you're frustrated at not having any recordings of your music but you don't know where to get started with music-tech, I'm running a FREE 5 Day challenge called 'Clean Up Your Recordings (you dirty girl)' all about how to make clean, pro recordings at home.

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