Choosing the Right Recording Approach for You & Your Music

What would you say if I told you there were multiple processes to record your music?

For many DIY musicians, recording our music is usually just a means to an end - or, at least, it was for me before I really started mastering recording and production.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “recording, yeah… I should really get round to that but, urghhh!”

This means many female musicians hand over the whole process to somebody else, thinking there’s one golden way to do things and they probably know best?

In reality, though, recording is a vital part of your actual creative process.

In fact, for more and more musicians, it’s become almost impossible to extract the writing from the recording and production.

And this means that just like there are millions of ways to write your songs, the same is true for how you go about recording them too.

And, even if you’re not a master wizz-kid on Ableton or Logic Pro X (yet ;-)), consciously carving out your own approach to recording will mean not only do your songs sound better, but you’ll LOVE recording them even more too.

So YES, there are MULTIPLE approaches to recording your music and in this week’s Live video, I’m breaking down 3 wonderful and unique ways to approach your own home-recording process to get the very best out of both your time and creativity.

These break down into:

  1. The ‘Tortoise Wins The Race’r

  2. The ‘Intuitive Explorer’

  3. The ‘Everything But The Kitchen Sink’er

What are they, who do they suit and what can they help you achieve with your own music? Watch the Live to find out.

But one thing’s for sure - using one of these approaches, or even developing your own, is going to take you from just doing a bit of dabbling with your laptop to taking yourself and your music seriously as a female DIY musician.

Strategy and intention lead to actually recording your music and getting to decide the way you like to work. Master this and you’ll be taking yourself and your music seriously and that’s the most crucial piece in the ‘am I a professional musician’ puzzle.

So, I’m dying to know - which one are you, 1, 2 or 3? Let me know in the comments below.

Plus, if you’re in need of some inspiration and motivation with learning to record your own music without the perspiration, check out my free and fun quiz HERE >>

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