Are You Ready to Record Your Own Music?

There’s absolutely no two-ways about it: learning to record your own music has become as important as learning an instrument for us musicians these days.

And it’s not just because of the corona lockdown either - home-recording equipment has never been as good or more affordable, offering musicians a legitimate alternative to expensive commercial studios.

But one thing I hear time and time again from women in music is “I’d love to record my songs, but I just don’t think I’m ready”.

Most of the time - that’s BS!

I mean, we’re heading straight to BS city, buying a day bus pass to check out all the BS tourist hot spots before getting a photo in front of the BS city hall.

Don’t get me wrong - I KNOW the struggle is real - women often don’t feel skilled, professional or technical enough to make this whole home-recording thing actually work.

But the REAL reason you’re not ready? Well that’s a whole other story.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not a lack of equipment, skills or hit-maker songs.

And if you don’t attend to this block in the recording road, you are censoring your creativity and tragically censoring your career as a female DIY musician.

Watch this truth-bomb filled video to learn more >>

If you’re curious as to just how wonderful your own recordings could sound, take my super cool quiz, where you’ll Discover your Female Producer Spirit Guide.

She has soooo much to teach you and some great words of wisdom too.

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