02. Composing for Film & TV (and shamelessly breaking the rules) with Victoria Wijeratne

Ever wondered about the process of scoring for film and TV? Inside this 2nd Episode of the podcast, Isobel talks to self taught film and TV composer Victoria Wijeratne about her career to date. We also hear her top three tips for writing to picture so this is a MUST listen for any budding film composers. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS {0:00} Intro

{02:40} Victoria’s approach to textures in her music and her ‘hybrid’ practice.

{07:26} Victoria’s top 3 tips for getting started writing to picture.

{24:42} Making music during lockdown.

{30:50} Victoria’s creative process when writing for film and TV.

{36:54} Collaboration and losing your ego.

{40:40} The stripped back recording set-up in Victoria’s minimal home-studio.

{51:05} The feeling you get when you record in studios.

{58:40} Mastering in the film and TV composing process. Fancy winning a £50 gift voucher to spend on home-recording equipment? All you have to do to enter is:

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You can check out Victoria’s music HERE. And here’s the links for the equipment we mention in the podcast too:

Archive website (free library of moving image)

AKAI MIDI Keyboard >>

RODE Microphones >> Listen to the episode HERE >>

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