01. How Learning to Record My Music Launched a DIY Career I Could Never Have Predicted

What does a two hour daily commute across London, the break of the internet and a quarter life crisis have to do with recording and releasing music? Inside this first episode of Girls Twiddling Knobs, Isobel shares her own journey into taking back control as a womxn in music. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS {00:00} Intro

{03:37} Isobel shares why she was never comfortable being a cog in the music industry machine.

{07:10} When Isobel realised “no one was coming”.

{13:03} Why self-doubt can be the biggest obstacle for womxn in music.

{15:52} Self-recording lead to self-releasing, and suddenly something clicked.

{17:40} Feeling in control of the recording and releasing process.

{19:55} The all illusive Spotify royalties.

{22:45} Finding the right path for you as an individual musician.

{23:45} Summary and competition details!!

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