You've got some music and you need to share it with the world, but what are the best tools to use that aren't going to break the bank? Sure, you've got your social media profiles dialled in and a string of gigs booked, but what next?

Have no fear my lovely, talented female DIY Musicians, because today I'm sharing five top FREE tools you can start using today to share your music with the wold and streamline your backend while you do it. So, buckle up because, as always, I'm dropping a butt load of content that you won't want to miss!

1. Bandcamp

I'm beginning here with one of the first things I started using for my music: Bandcamp. Bandcamp allows you to not only digitally release your music on their site in the form of customisable and embeddable streaming players, but also sell your physical CD's, T-Shirts and pretty much anything else you can think of. This is how I first released my music more than 10 years ago and how I still sell my online merch to this day. You can have both a premium or free subscription too so well worth making use of.

2. Linkfire

This is an amazing tool for when you next release your music. No longer do you have to have a trillion different links to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp etc. Now, you can bring people to a super simple, stylish page with one link where they can find your music across the World Wide Web. Bingo!

3. Routenote

This is the distribution company I used for my first three album releases and where I amassed millions of Spotify streams. Now, I can't say that's entirely due to me using Routenote, but what I can say is that I loved working with them because they are a small, UK based team, and I never just felt like a number. You can distribute your music for free to all major streaming platforms or choose paid options too.

4. Wix

I am so thrilled with how usable Wix's website builder is and you can get lots of amazing features and templates to build your website for free. I would always recommend upgrading eventually to a paid plan so that you can get rid of ads and have a slick, totally professional music site, but in the beginning, the free option is a winner!

5. Wetransfer

Tired of sending big files back and forth when you're recording, mixing and mastering your music? The edits for your new music video clogging up your inbox? It's time to discover Wetransfer. With this handy free site, you can simply and reliably send big files and you'll even get a notification when they've been downloaded. Perfect!

So, there we have it folks! Five really useful and free tools that every DIY musician should know about if they want to release and share their music online. Give them a try and let me know of anything else you're using that you think every female DIY musician should know about.

And if you’d like a little more help with releasing your music, download the Female DIY Musician Album Release Roadmap here.

This is my mapped out guide to strategically releasing your music without the overwhelm or confusion.


Isobel 😘

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