How Learning to Recording My Music from Home Led to over 25 Million Spotify Streams

It's that question that every DIY musician asks themselves...

"How do I crack the Spotify algorithm".

And for a DIY woman in music, it's no different. I'm sure you've wondered this yourself, time and time again, as Spotify has become the biggest mover and shaker in the industry.

And I myself have experience success with Spotify. 25 Million streams across my four albums to be precise. But I want to take you waaay back before there were any musician courses on getting more streams on your music and before I even knew how to release an album. Because, through sharing with you the story of my career to-date, I'm going to show you just how important learning how to home record my music has been to the success of my music.

If you're a 'do it yourself musician' there truly is no better reason to start recording yourself than to give yourself the chance to actually share your music, just like I did, and see far it can sore.

If you're a budding female musician, this really is a MUST watch.

And if this video leaves you itching to get started, check out my 10 FREE Recording Tools PDF Guide that will get you pressing record as fast as you can say 'Home-Recording Bad-Ass' >>

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