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Real stories from one of a kind female musicians who started with courage and ended with self-produced, professional recordings of their music.

This is Sophia's home recording academy success story


“I no longer have to spend money on recording studios and just leave it all to the guys because of Home Recording Academy!”

Before joining Home Recording Academy, I had dabbled in the past with production but told myself it wasn't professional. I used to depend on male producers to record, mix and master my tracks. Home Recording Academy felt like something I just had to do! I've never felt like I could invest in myself before but this opportunity was once in a lifetime and has been transformative.

A massive breakthrough for me was realising that I actually do have talents and with practise I can reach that professional standard. Now I don't have to spend money on recording studios until much later in the process or at all. I trust my ears and believe I can do this! I've moved away from London and my music connections so being able to record myself and take control of my musical direction has been such a blessing! Now I know exactly what each tool is used for and why, instead of just adding something because I'm 'supposed' to. It’s given me overall confidence in myself as a musician, I've even started playing my saxophone again after 10 years. I've invested in gear for live gigs and I have the confidence to use them and not just leave it all to the guys.

Now, having completed the course, I’m going to record an EP. I have written a few songs a couple of years ago, so it will be so great to get them recorded. I will also record vocals for topline projects and hopefully get some songs published! Will be good to get back into earning money from music! I may even record my 8 piece funk covers band if I'm brave enough!

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