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Real stories from one of a kind female musicians who started with courage and ended with self-produced, professional recordings of their music.

This is Sinéad's home recording academy success story


“Home Recording Academy has totally enhanced my confidence and I am excited about all the amazing possibilities for my music.”

Before enrolling in Home Recording Academy, I had used music technology before and could do some things with it but it was very much a trial and error process. I definitely felt a bit of a fraud and that I was just winging it and hoping for the best. I had been following Isobel on Instagram and I did a free short session that she held and it was so great that I knew I had to get on the course.

I loved the community support from all the participants which was really promoted and encouraged by Isobel. Being a non-music person, I found everything was easily explained. I learned new techniques and processes that I had never even heard of and the active listening elements and tips were so helpful. Going forward, I want to develop the musicality in my work and really experiment with EQ and effects. It has totally enhanced my confidence and I am really thinking about all the amazing possibilities for future work.

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