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Real stories from one of a kind female musicians who started with courage and ended with self-produced, professional recordings of their music.

This is Kate's home recording academy success story


“Thanks to Home Recording Academy, I’ve experienced exponential growth with my recording skills. I now feel confident using EQ, Reverb and compression and I can trust my ears now too.”

Before enrolling in Home Recording Academy, I could record very rough demos with very minimal mixing, but was not confident in releasing my own music. I kept to simple arrangements of guitar and voice when I would rather have expanded them but was scared about how to get started.

I loved the idea of having a set course rather than going around Youtube for the different tutorials. I liked the way that Isobel spoke about the music technology process and how it's fine for it to be emotional and creative. I really enjoyed the emphasis on imagining feelings, textures, vocabulary etc. and how we could translate that to sounds.

Since completing HRA, I’ve experienced exponential growth! I now feel confident in trying compression, EQ and reverb on my own, and additionally trusting my ears a bit more. Even though I don't feel like I have all the 'answers' yet, because you never can, I feel confident in searching them for myself now that I have the basics down. If I want to learn more about frequency 'corners' in the mix I know where to go, and who to ask!

To start with, I plan to release recordings I have made of covers for weddings, and then move into recording my next 'proper' album of original songs, and experimenting with a variety of different techniques!

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